Do you still Marie Kondo?




Decluttering devotees tell Home how the clear‑out queen’s technique is working for them


Marie Kondo’s world domination is now complete. The Japanese author’s 2014 book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying has sold more than 10m copies, teaching households from London to Lima the concept of binning objects that don’t “spark joy”. She has 3.3m Instagram followers, and the YouTube video of her clothes-folding technique has been viewed 10m times. Then there’s her Netflix series, and a training course: there are now more than 200 certified Kondo consultants globally to counsel you on clear-outs.


Brits spend almost 7½ hours a week tidying, according to research by Appliances Direct, with one in five of us incorporating Kondo hacks such as “folding with purpose” and creating “larders with chalkboard labelling”.

But was Kondo fever a passing fad or a life-changing technique?…


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