Mark Carney: Brexit deal will boost flagging global economy



Bank of England governor says ‘flexible’ British economy will cope with life outside EU


The Brexit deal agreed between London and Brussels will boost growth and could be a turning point for the global economy, the governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, has said.


In an interview with Bloomberg TV in Washington Carney said: “It is good news that there is an agreement. I would expect the economy to pick up from quite a subdued pace.”


He added that the UK was one of the most flexible economies in the world and would cope with life outside the EU: “Household and corporate balance sheets are in good shape. With a transition this economy will adjust.”


The governor said the referendum had been the start of a period of trade uncertainty that had caused the global economy to slow. “The UK may have led the world into this and we may be leading the world out,” he said.


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