Zuckerberg Gets Thrown a Long List of Grievances by Congress


  • Facebook CEO confronts House Financial Services Committee

  • Libra, sex trafficking, workplace diversity are fair game


Mark Zuckerberg was ready for a Congressional interrogation on Facebook Inc.’s cryptocurrency project. On the stand for more than six hours Wednesday, he got a lashing on every other controversy facing the social media giant, too.


The 35-year-old chief executive officer arrived on Capitol Hill prepared to defend the company’s plans for Libra, describing the advantages of a global digital coin that would help open up financial systems to the poor and underbanked around the world. From the start of his testimony to the House Financial Services Committee, however, lawmakers made it clear that beyond the questions they had over the new currency, they are skeptical that Facebook should be trusted with the tremendous power it has amassed over 2.7 billion global users.

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