Stages of grief: a sixth stage has been revealed, and it will help you find meaning after loss

November 11, 2019



The death of a loved one is, sadly, a pain we’ll all experience. Here, leading grief expert David Kessler reveals the sixth stage of grief, and explains how it can help us find meaning after loss.


David Kessler is one of the world’s foremost experts on grief, but it wasn’t until he tragically lost his son three years ago that he realised he needed to revisit his seminal work on the stages of grief, because the final stage of ‘acceptance’ wasn’t enough.


“The five stages of grief that Elisabeth Kübler-Ross and I adapted [in the 2005 book On Grief and Grieving] were ‘denial’ (the ‘I can’t believe they’re gone’ stage), ‘anger’, ‘bargaining’ (all the what-ifs and regrets), ‘depression’ (the sadness) and then ‘acceptance’ (acknowledging the reality that our loved one is gone),” he tells Stylist, ahead of the publication of his latest release, Finding Meaning: The Sixth Stage Of Grief. 


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