TV Is Dead. Long Live TV



The Content Wars have reached full pitch, and they’re changing television forever.


Excerpt- "As recently as a decade ago, television was not a thing you streamed, but the stream—the live feed, the prime-time programming, the newest content. TV was not just the show, but the commercial breaks that interrupted it, the news that preceded it, and the machine itself too. Netflix punched a hole in that idea of television—first, turning the stream into an ocean of content, and second, letting you, the viewer, choose what you wanted to fish out of that ocean at any given time.


Now a half dozen other services want to offer you that same power, but the oceans of content are all different, and you have to pay a different fee for each one. Classic TV, once a niche hobby for certain obsessives, is now a cultish pop-culture curiosity for a generation of teenagers. As a vector for content and a pastime, TV has flipped and flopped—keeping its name while metamorphosing into a different beast. Now we don’t “see what’s on”—we search a pay-to-view archive. The days of stumbling across something enjoyable are over, as Keith Phipps recently pointed out in TV Guide."


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