Why old people will always complain about young people

November 13, 2019



Prediction: Today’s “OK boomer” Gen Z will complain about the youth one day. Blame human memory.


The old and young are feuding — yet again.


It’s safe to assume this is an immortal aspect of human society: Young people always exist, and older people will always complain about them. Young people, in turn, always say, “Ugh, old people just don’t get it.”


Recently, that “Ugh, old people just don’t get it” has metastasized into the viral “OK boomer” meme. 


If you’re just tuning in: “OK boomer” is a clapback for the rising Generation Z to call out older adults on their collective lack of inaction on climate change, for their (overall) resistance to progressive policies, and for the condescending tone older people tend to use when describing the “kids these days.” The boomers, well, haven’t taken too kindly to the phrase.One conservative radio host called it “the n-word of ageism.”


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