Hong Kong Spirals Into Deepening Crisis as Violent Unrest Enters a Fourth Day



Excerpt- “The ongoing riots over the past few months, with their massive scale, simultaneous occurrence in various districts and grave severity of violence, make it necessary to strengthen the support for the police’s front-line officers,” the government said in a statement.


At a press conference Thursday, the police redoubled their demand for Hong Kong’s democracy movement to disown its violent, radical wing.


Said Chief Superintendent John Tse: “You cannot fight for freedom of speech by silencing people who disagree with you. You cannot fight for democracy by terrorizing the public to force others to support you. You cannot condemn brutality by brutalizing people who hold different views to yours. And if you still refuse to cut ties with rioters, if you are still looking for excuses to defend rioters, you are indeed an accomplice.”


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