WeWork & Fyre Festival, Two Failures Grown From the Same Seed

November 14, 2019




The repercussions of two modern CEO’s marching to their own ignorance.


One year ago, WeWork was soaring as an idealistic company. It was the startup built on the very values that make the word ‘startup’ so appealing. WeWork didn’t just represent a real estate business; it expressed progressive business culture, multi-culturalism, and community.


WeWork is the embodiment of all of the words your social entrepreneur friend unnecessarily puts into every sentence when talking about their latest business venture.


They didn’t only brand themselves this way, but also their service expressed these traits as well. WeWork was about bringing people together to reach their dreams — that was their vision. Throw this vision in with craft beer, big unnecessary whiteboards, bright multi-colored rooms, and you have the dream millennial startup.


While on the other side of the same coin, Fyre Festival also had a unique vision. They wanted to create a new type of music festival — something high-end, exclusive, and life-changing. Billy Mcfarland, the entrepreneur behind Fyre, is quoted in the Netflix documentary, Fyre, the greatest party that never happened in saying,“Fyre Festival is going to define a generation.”


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