WeWork, SoftBank, and the Road to Socialism in Four Slides (Opinion)



Excerpt- Look, after reading the details of Elizabeth Warren’s healthcare plan, I was pushed closer to an embrace of full-bore, Reaganite capitalism than I’ve been in a couple of decades, because turning the market for research and development of pharmaceuticals into a command economy is a terrifyingly bad idea.


I asked myself how could anyone read Warren’s plan and think, Sure. Let’s give this socialism thing a try. 


And the answer is WeWork.


I mean, the answer is not literally WeWork. But WeWork is a symbol—a giant Bat-Signal of a symbol—of the excesses of the free market. It’s a symbol of how divorced much of finance has become from reality. It’s a symbol of how the grifter who wrecks stuff gets to walk away with a billion dollars while the people working for the company and actually adding some value get kicked to the street.


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Art by Hannah Yoest


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