Tweakments And Top-Ups: Are Young Women Happy With A Flawless Face?



We asked twenty-somethings why they're getting lip fillers and Botox, then put the same question to the experts.


Nadine was 20 the first time she got lip fillers and “fell in love” with the plumped result. “It was important for me to maintain the look,” Nadine, now 27, tells HuffPost UK. The Londoner, who works in marketing for a big makeup brand, has had her lip injected every six months since. When she was 24, she added Botox to her beauty regimen to erase the “frown lines” she saw forming on her forehead. “I wanted the smooth, flawless look,” she says.


“Again, I fell in love with the results and maintain the look with getting a top up every three to six months.” Her routine may sound expensive – with the fillers costing upwards of £200 and Botox between £150-£300 each time – but Nadine is not alone in her use of non-surgical cosmetic treatments – or “tweakments”.


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