Prince Andrew: The royal mistake





Duke of York’s interview with BBC proved to be a major PR disaster for British royalty


If films dramatising the week after Princess Diana’s death are to be believed, it was then Prime Minister Tony Blair, who had to persuade the Queen to begrudgingly come out and address the nation.


This was seen as a turning point in royal protocol, paving the way for a modern monarchy, who were forced to be more in tune with their feelings and public opinion.


Its legacy is seen in Harry’s steadfast protection of Megan Markle, issuing back-off statements to the press, and the Duke of Sussex also joining his brother William in discussing the effect their mother’s death has had on their mental health.


All this honesty and openness would be completely alien to their grandmother’s generation who believe in the British stiff upper lip and the avoidance of airing your dirty laundry in public.


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