If Michael Bloomberg Wants to Run for President, He Should Sell Bloomberg News (Opinion)
















No other option really makes sense.


For most journalists, covering Michael Bloomberg’s late entry into the 2020 presidential race will be straightforward. Some will focus on his three terms as mayor of New York City, interrogating his plutocratic style of politics and his steadfast support for racist policing. Many will write about his bizarre primary strategy (he’s skipping the first four races and banking on big wins in big states that vote later, like California and, uh, Alabama) and anti-democratic efforts to buy the Democratic nomination by flooding the airwaves with advertisements (he is spending a Steyer-ish $34 million through December 3). All will likely run elaborate behind-the-scenes ticktocks when the strategy fails to pay off and a stream of disgruntled aides start calling up their favorite reporters to bitch about all the time and money Michael Bloomberg has wasted on his vanity campaign for president.


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