It’s Boris Johnson’s Britain Now

December 13, 2019




His impact in a short period of time has been revolutionary, and his resounding victory means he can remake the country.


The britain that has emerged today is different from the one that came before, its old political map erased, its economic model upended, its prospects uncertain—even its very unity in doubt. The Britain built by Tony Blair is gone, fatally undermined by David Cameron’s Brexit referendum and now swept away in a provincial tide of support for Boris Johnson’s Conservatives.


To understand the scale of what has happened, remember that less than four years ago, Johnson was still London’s mayor and undecided about whether to back Leave or Remain in the referendum; Cameron was prime minister, with the first Conservative majority in more than 20 years; and Britain’s economy was among the most dynamic in Europe. A pollcarried out the day before Johnson announced that he supported Brexit showed Remain running 15 percentage points ahead of Leave.


Photo by Stefan Rousseau/WPA/Getty


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