Digital Deception: 9 In 10 Americans Have Been Victimized By An Online Scam

December 14, 2019







Survey reveals that half of Americans would consider living “off the grid” in order to keep their data safe.


Despite findings, third of respondents admit they still do not take any precautions when shopping online.


NEW YORK — The digital age we all currently live in has brought with it a unique set of new security worries. Virtually every aspect of life, such as banking, communication, shopping, etc, now takes place online. But, with that convenience also comes the possibility that malicious scammers or hackers may get their hands on your personal and private data. Unsettlingly, a new survey finds that 90% of the 2,000 Americans involved in the research have been a victim of an online scam, fraud, data breach, identity theft, or social media hacking.



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